About Vulcanet-Grand

We are an affiliate website of ebay and amazon for vulcant – the first Premium All-In-One Wipe which allows you to clean your vehicle anywhere and without water, vulcanet comes with its secret formula that allows you to get the best results while cleaning your precious vehicle. we are happy to share with you our catalog collection of eccommerce stores that sell vulcanet products around the world, you can easily choose your desired place and our site will navigate you to buy vulcanet in your country / nearest place.



Vulcanet – Cleaning without water, With these cleaning cloths you can also wash your treasures without water. Regardless of whether vintage, new cars, motorcycles or even in the household, there is nothing that cannot be cleaned with it. Even stubborn dirt such as brake dust or resin can be easily removed. Container of 80 Vulcanet® Anhydrous Cleaning Wipes Remove tar and grease, polish... and all without leaving a trace. For all surfaces. Without additional equipment at any location. There is no risk of scratching the surface or damaging the machine.

The Vulcanet wipe is a single product to take care of the bodywork, wheels, paint, plastic and windows of your car or your bike.

With a 2008 award for innovation, this product ensures ongoing maintenance and protection of your vehicles. It also clean traces of tar, insects, protects from micro scratches

Why Vulcanet ?

It cleans, shines and protects all surfaces.
Saves time.
No equipment required, use anywhere.
No risk of scratching or damaging vehicle when used correctly.
No need for water

How to use

• Take a wipe from the tube.
• Fold in half and put it flat on the hand.
• Caress the surface without rubbing. When the surface becomes slippery, you can slightly increase the pressure if needed.
• Always proceed by small area at a time without scrubbing, move in slight circles.
Vulcanet traps the particles, while cleaning and applies a film on the surface to protect it.

• Follow with microfibre, making a swift , light circular movement without pressing.
The high quality microfibre is not used to clean, just to finish the surface : the result is brilliant.

In case of wet weather, allow the vehicle to dry somewhat so the powerful Vulcanet solution is not diluted.